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Play by the rules and do business, thats what we are here for right? No one said you can't have fun, but please remain inside the rule circle, because if you dont you will be banned!

No "spamming" of other boards. Linking to another forum/board  will be grounds for immediate banning. This will be under the discretion of the Admins to determine "spamming." Abuse will not be tolerated.

You must have a signature, so that other members know who you are and what you do, if you think you don't need one, then please don't complain when you're account gets banned.

Posting peoples personal information with the intent to expose them or their families private lives will turn out to be a life ban with no warning.

Harassment, personal attacks or posting about someones company with no proof will get you banned for life "Period" this also counts for racial slurs.

Be sure not to post or have in your signature illegal websites or sites that may contain CP you will be reported to the competent authorities.

If you are found with more than one username you will be banned for life, we can detect this and we are allert on this shady method.

Adult program announcements are permitted, but if you come here to spam and you don't participate in the general discussions or/and you don't assist other members asking about your program once posted this privilege will be take off you for a period of 90 days, if you do it again then for life.

Keep in mind that the admins can't see everything that goes on and if you feel that someone is breaking the above rules or you feel you are being harrassed or attacked then please contact us at

steve -(at)- snrproductions -(dot)- com

Please note that the forum rules can be modified at any time, please remember to check back often, in order to verify if any changes have been made. last update 04-12-2012

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