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Cheaters List

Webmasters of the T.A.B. community

Here is a list of known and proven cheaters, that members of TheAdult.Biz have caught red handed in the act.
This list is a good tool for everyone to check out before starting a trade with a website that you have never heard of.
The list is updated with new cheaters all the time, so remember to bookmark this page, even if you are not a member of the T.A.B. community.
This list of known / proved cheaters will be visible to all as we have made this database as Google friendly as possible.

We have another tool to help spread the word about current cheaters in this business and that is our Cheaters Logo.
You can put the logo on your webmaster page, and by using the code provided, it will take you directly to the cheater database, this will also warn your traders that you are watching!

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You are able to search by the Reporter or the Domain. The Full domain is not needed.
i.e. "sex" would find


Cheaters URL Reason Reported By Date fake player Cremz 2009-02-13 13:43:35 iframer Predator 2010-08-16 14:41:27 hitbots Predator 2008-10-20 09:31:03
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